We are your strategic partner for the advertising business!

adbility media GmbH is your specialist for efficient marketing of “Games & Entertainment” content. In today’s world of display and video advertising that is almost completely automated, we are your experienced partner for optimized utilization of your inventory.

We work closely with you to analyze your current AdServer setup and evaluate opportunities to optimize your eCPM. To this end, we follow an integrated marketing approach that augments your programmatic setup with additional effective components.

We work together with you to analyze your status quo and evaluate opportunities for strategic collaboration. We are your partner for securing and expanding your advertising market share!

  • We position your services in the market effectively!
  • We provide consulting services on opportunities and risks on the highly competitive advertising market!
  • We know which advertising platforms and placements generate the best results for your medium!
  • We possess many years of experience and maintain excellent contacts to agencies and advertisers!

Our added value lies in generating increased revenues while reducing expenses.


It‘s a win-win situation!

Putting together your own marketing team typically costs a lot of time and money. Focus your resources on your core business and dock your ad sales with us.

Declining ad revenues and massive differentiation of advertising media make strong positioning absolutely essential for successful advertising operations. We cultivate your USP, analyze your target group and begin positioning your company while in the planning phase of the campaign.

The services available on the market are offered by fewer and fewer players. To gain traction in the competitive environment, clustering portfolios and competencies plays a major role. Individual publishers receive almost no consideration for direct advertising bookings. As a partner, you can expect to profit from our constantly expanding network and our strong overall positioning.

Our integrated marketing approach is the perfect symbiosis of direct and programmatic marketing, which sustainably optimizes your advertising operations!


We position you today for tomorrow’s budgets!

Our three building blocks for integrated marketing:

Years of experience with agencies and personal contacts to planners and purchasers spearheads our marketing strategy.

As a part of our high-quality portfolio, we market your inventory to target the needs of advertisers. In doing so, we are able to consistently generate high revenues.

With our integrated marketing concept, we can make your inventory accessible for new and additional budgets, while also ensuring price stability through our holistic strategy.

Integrated marketing pyramid - adbility media

Benefits at a glance:

Holistic Yield Optimization:

  • Optimum eCPM optimization
    dynamic allocation of campaigns between DFP (standard) and SSP (programmatic) for the entire inventory
  • Complete control of your entire inventory
    single-source marketing guaranteed, Controlled access of demanders and price stability

Completely integrated programmatic sales:

  • Higher prices via competition
    Standard campaigns compete with RTB demand
  • Inventory access for trading desks
    RTB agencies and direct clients purchase at fixed prices
  • exclusive, programmatic budgets
    access to private deals with the largest agency networks and RTB purchasers